Control of the Mind, body & spirit

Contrology benefits

How does it work?

Contrology is  "movement of all kinds."  It is a workout with over 500 exercises not counting variations, modifications, and exercises done with or without the help of equipment. It is more than exercises performed on a floor mat, which is only 10-12% of the work. 

Contrology works the entire body equally including your mind and its imagination.

The mind is used to precisely perform with control and purpose.  Working this way creates the awareness needed in our everyday patterns, and restores the body's natural balance and alignment. Simply put, an average adult spends most of the day sitting or operating machinery in a repetitive way. This repetitive motion creates an imbalance in the body, therefore, causing some muscles to overwork and others to overstretch. With Contrology,  the entire body is addressed equally to improve strength and flexibility where needed. 

Beyond a specific order of exercises on the mat and the reformer, it offers a varied range of movement from quite easy to extremely difficult/advanced. There is even special equipment in the studio designed to strengthen the feet, lungs, neck, and overall posture. This work is without limits and allows for creativity to deliver a unique challenge to each individual. 

Is it for you?

  • It is for everyone! Young or old, in shape or out of shape, dancers, athletes, and those with sedentary life styles. The work is specifically tailored to each individual and can be modified and or regressed for any injury or condition.


  • Core muscles strength
  • Better posture, balance
  • Injury prevention
  • Better circulation, increased lung capacity
  • Increased flexibility (joint mobility), bone density
  • Improved body image (awareness), self-esteem
  • Increased stamina, better focus
  • Proper alignment development

The list goes on, and these improvements can have a greater impact on other areas of your life.